What is Different This Time

It's safe to say that most people out there working towards a goal, has hit a point where they needed a bit of motivation, encouragement, or tips on how to keep it going and not fall off on the literal gravy train. Those girl guide cookies that have been going around the office are sure looking good this week.

Weekend re-cap

Hi there! How was your weekend? Anyone get into any trouble? 

Our weekend was perfect and full of walks, some cleaning, watching movies and relaxing after our Orange Theory workout on Saturday morning. 

We have a little house guest at the moment, so that kept us busy and entertained. 

Here is our weekend in pictures:

  • Lots of playing
  • And lounging
  • And sleeping
  • And crowding me on the couch
  • And baking - energy bites, delicious!
  • Hometown hockey festivities

And now it's Monday! The weekend flew by, but we have a short week ahead of us then Easter weekend!

Did anyone else check out Hometown Hockey at the Olympic Plaza this weekend?


The best thing about this time of year is, if you are lucky, you may have a vacation to look forward to. It helps us Canadians get out of the 'winter blues' (although this year, especially in Calgary, we have absolutely nothing to compain about!) Long story short, I'm going to MEXICO in just over a month!! I get more and more excited by the day!